About the Photographer

As a Texas based photographer, I have been shooting professionally since 1987. Starting out in the garage of my parents' house and using a single dish with an incandescent lamp, I learned to create images using the equipment that was available. The drive to be creative using minimal tools still drives me to this day...ONE.

NUVIZN focuses on fashion, test shoots, portfolios, advertising, art and lifestyle. My "studio" travels with me. That is a good thing since my clients live throughout the United States, particularly in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas. 

If you want to try to lump my style into one category, be my guest. However, what I consider my "style" covers a broad spectrum. My roots are in advertising, my first love is fine art, and my angle is business. As a result, I cover many different looks and many different genres.

I do not flash and burn. When you hire me for a project, I do not simply shoot the assignment and upload the files. I will never let an image leave my care before it has been customized for my client. I take particular care in how the world sees my work and in how my client sees the final product. 

That said, please take a look at my work. I feel that it is a good representation of how I work and the style that I bring with me to every job.

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